Thursday, August 20, 2015

Other Friday Quilts

Some of My Other Friday Quilts

The top left quilt was made from homespun fabrics and tied with my handspun wool yarn.

The  top right quilt is a baby quilt made out of flannel.  It is currently on my wooden frame waiting to be hand quilted using cotton crochet thread and big stitches.

The next quilt is the one on the bottom left.  It is my version of the Millefiore Quilt-Along block #1 of the month by Katja Marek.  Unfortunately the colors are much brighter that the pictures shows.

The last quilt is a scrapy lap size Log Cabin with blue and purple dominating it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

1 of My Friday Quilt

'Summer Splendor' hexagon quilt.  I've use Inklingo to make these hexie flowers.  Once this half of the quilt is done, I plan on switching making them using EPP method, but using plastic templates instead of paper ones for the 2nd half.

My Thursday Quilt

Not much to show on this Double Wedding Ring Quilt yet.  Just in the process of making the arcs using a strip set technique.  Actually have 3 different techniques to use in putting this one together.

My Monday Quilt

This started out as a Women of the Bible quilt, but I switched to doing my own thing.  These blocks are only just put on the design wall as I make them, not in their finally order.  I'm using 9" and 6" blocks for a lap or throw size quilt.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Tuesday Quilt

I've had some of these mini blocks made up for years.  Finally decided it was time to make something out of them.  Some of them are leaders and enders that I only just recently started to use instead of just small scrap pieces of fabric.  The larger HSTs are recently made as well.

Friday, January 30, 2015

# 81
DATE - 4/28/12 - 2013

SIZE - 33 1/2"W x 68"L - One panel
LOOM - 38" AKB Double Board Loom
SPACING - 5/16"
SETTING - 1/2"
PEGS - 111 each board (all but 1 set)
YARN - Lannarota's Filatura Chunky Wool
# - 5
WPI - 7
AMOUNT - 27, 50grams skiens
PATTERN STITCH - Hills & Dells Fancy Rib (my creation)
TOOLS - Loom, pick, yarn needle, crochet
SKILL LEVEL - medium
GAUGE - 6 double sts = 2"
1 skien did 2 1/2"

CAST ON - 1. Make a slip knot & place it on the first left Front Board (FB) peg.
2. "8" wrap the next FB peg with the Back Board (BB) one directly across from it. (2nd BB peg).
To do this, go from the slip knot (sk) to the 2nd peg on the BB. Start the "8" wrap there. Then move to the 2nd peg on the FB to finish the Figure Eight ("8") wrap
3. eWrap the 3rd peg on the FB
4. Move to the 4th peg on the BB.
5. eWrap it
6. Move to the 5th peg on the FB
7. Start an "8" wrap there
8. Move across the loom to the peg opposite that FB peg.
9. Finsh the "8" there.
10. eWrap the 6th BB peg.
11. Rep these 6 peg steps (see diagram below) across the loom making the #1 peg in the group an "e" wrap from now on.
12.For a single panel, end with # 1, 2, 3 Or # 4, 5, 6 of the diagram, to balance both ends of the knitting.
( For multi panels, do Step #12 only on the last panel.)
13. Lay in an anchor yarn.

BB o - 8 - o - e - 8 - e
FB sk - 8 - e - o - 8 - o
      1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6


KNIT - To knit, always wrap the loom following the yarn path or # 1 to 6 of the diagram, then knit over.
Knit to desired length.
Do not cut yarn.

BIND OFF - Transfer the sts on the BB to the FB, placing them on pegs directly across from the ones they have been on. Knit the doubled sts 1 over 1.
Remove the first st with the crochet hook. Catch the Working Yarn (WY) & pull a loop through that st.
*Remove the next st & catch the WY & pull a loop through both loops on the hook.*
Repeat bet *s across. Cut yarn & pull the tail through the last st.

FINISHING - Work a row of Single Crochet (sc) across CO row.

WIDTH - 33 1/2"
LENGTH - 68"

NOTES: 34 1/2" on loom
33 1/2" off loom

ABBREVIATIONS - AKB = Authentic Knitting Board
FB = Front Board
BB = Back Board
sk = slip knot
"8" = figure eight wrap
"e" = eWrap
"o" = skipped peg
Rep. = Repeat